Module 8 | Identity and Integration

This weekend looks at the history of our human inquiry about our own identity. Who am I? The vivencia of being unique and in resonance and intimacy with all that is alive, is the characteristic of a healthy identity. A healthy identity always goes together with clear boundaries. In Biodanza our identity is defined by our relationships, by the dance and by the music. to integrate and encourage the development of a healthy identity.

Module 9 | Trance and Regression

What is trance ? What and how is it involved in a process of integration ? What are the altered states of consciousness, and how can we use them ? What are the precautions we need to take ? We look at how trance favours a return to physiological states of homeostasis, of healthcare resources and of anti-stress mechanisms all of which are specific to the Biodanza approach.

Module 10 | Contact and Caress

Rolando Toro wrote 'The body that is not caressed starts to die.' Contact is a source of health and vitality. In this special weekend we will explore, with feedback and sensitivity, this vital subject that is at the heart of Biodanza. It is impossible to ignore the importance of physical contact in the development of identity. In Biodanza we consider how to induce a form of contact that gives confidence in ourselves and in each other. We consider the role of emotions in human contact. The caress as specifically human in our relationships and dialogue.

Module 11 | The Human Movement

Our movement reflects our deep mood and our way of being in the world. We look at how to approach movement and dance in order to integrate and express all of our human potential. We take a systematic look to all categories of human movement.

Module 12 | Vitality

Within the Biodanza system the concept of Vitality is essential. The aim is to strengthen all of the 5 lines of vivencia and the line of vitality is our desire to live, to be motivated, to feel joy, to connect to the very essence of life. Many people expect this weekend to be non stop movement! To feel our vital essence we need to balance action with rest. To self regulate is an important message within Biodanza. This weekend will explore yin & yang, play and affective rest.   

Module 13 Sexuality

A global view of human sexuality, in its individual, relational, cultural and social dimension. How does our sexuality change based on the experience we have of our own body ? The place of pleasure in the joy of living. The various consequences of repression of sex (Eros and Thanatos). The integration and importance between affectivity and sexuality.

Module 14 | Creativity

This amazing weekend aims to take us from chaos to divine order! To re-imprint and reconnect us to our creative nature. I can't do that! we hear some of you cry! As we become more integrated in our movements, we become stronger in our expression, more alive to creating our life and expressing it in wonderful new ways. through dance, art, poetry and in our daily lives.