Module 1 | The Definition and the Theoretical Model of Biodanza

This weekend introduces you to the vision of Prof. Rolando Toro, psychologist,anthropologist, poet and painter. How Biodanza is defined. The theoretical model which is the fascinating template that maps out the whole process of Biodanza and can be applied successfully to different people around the world.


Module 2 | The Vital Unconscious and the Biocentric Principle

Do you choose what feeds your life or do you choose what is toxic? At the core of Biodanza are two key principles
The Biocentric Principle. This puts the expansion of life, in all its manifestations, as the driving force behind all life; and
The Vital Unconsciousness. This is the blue print of health and harmony held within the cells
Both these principles of life are inherent in each of us. Through the vivencia, we access and awaken them. When fully restored at an instinctual level, we have an inherent capacity to choose what is healthy and to avoid or minimise what is toxic. What this weekend aims to do is to raise your awareness of what is healthy in your life, what is out of harmony and then to begin the process of restoring your instinctive capacity to choose what is good for you, for those close to you and for your life.


Module 3 | The Vivencia. The Heart of Biodanza

Vivencia (the experience of feeling alive here and now) as the way to access the vital unconscious the major tool of Biodanza. To facilitate a process of evolutionary development of our potential, our capacity to live from passion and enthusiasm. The intense experiences within your school group process are aimed at opening your sense of joy, self esteem and self confidence.
To recover your sense of innocence. This is the source of our own inner joy – a joy similar to that of a two-year old – confident, strong and from the heart.
Module 4 Biological Aspects of Biodanza


Module 4 | Biological Aspects of Biodanza

We will study the approach of the different theories on the origin of life and the universe and an awareness in the main areas of knowledge of the living. The universal principles of the living in the light of the recent scientific discoveries. Biology is one of the major foundations of Biodanza. We look at how physical and emotional traumas enter the body along biological and physiological pathways and, crucially, how Biodanza works to gently reverse these processes.


Module 5 | Physiological Aspects of Biodanza

We look at the approach to the basics of Physiology to link the action of Biodanza to the desired effects of a better integration of organic functions and the maintaining of intra organic harmony. We look at the place of stress and the approach of Biodanza. The effects of Biodanza on the neurovegetative system. The concept of integration applied to the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. Here we discover the physiological aspects, processes and changes that take place in the body during a Biodanza class. 


Module 6 | Psychological Aspects of Biodanza

To understand the structure of identity, the birth of self awareness according to the different contributions of mainstream psychology.The place of instincts and their expression in Biodanza: the liberation of instincts. The approach to mental health in Biodanza. Here, in the vivencias, we discover the psychological aspects, processes and changes that take place during a Biodanza class.


Module 7 | Mythological and Philosophical Origins

The great myths of human history and the importance of the myth in human behavior allow us to take the place of the collective unconscious in the way we behave and create our world. Some myths are carriers of living values directly in connection with the instinct, the vital spirit, human greatness and love. Biodanza restores the power of myth. Through the dances of great ancient myths and their archetypal figures, we embody the outstanding aspects of the eternal human need for the celebration of life and the sacralization of nature. A force for a civilisation of the future.