Our March school weekend with Jose Neves and Irene Franco from Portugal

The London Biodanza recognises the huge value of collaborating with and drawing on, the experience of some of the world's most experienced Biodanza teachers. Fitting in with our final year training, we invited two teachers from Portugal - where three flourishing Biodanza schools share their learning and promotions - to teach one of our Methodology Weekends. What a fabulous weekend we enjoyed! 

Nataraj Visiting Teacher Praise!


The Doorway...
(response to weekend with Nataraj)


I am a doorway not the door

a space through which

ever abundant, ever rich Life

enters in

through this sacred wrapping we call skin


When you're my doorway

you're a vessel for the infinite -

you, me, we, ego, good, bad -

everything is it


And that which stamps its 'yes' and 'no'

upon the floor delights this entrance which is me

and now I'm home I'm absolutely sure:


we are the doorway not the door.



© Liz Darcy Jones

20th November 2016