The School Directors


As the power of three we bring our own unique way of facilitating to each school weekend. We delight in seeing our students evolve and blossom in the safety of our Richmond home. We're honoured to be passing on our love for the visionary restorative system created by Professor Rolando Toro, Biodanza's founder.

Ruth Strupinski.jpg

Ruth Strupinski

My passion is Biodanza. Having joined a Biodanza school after going to a weekly class for some years, I had no aim to become a facilitator but, by degrees realized it was what I really wanted to do.

I have been in teaching for over 30 years. My weekly class in Richmond which has been running successfully for 13 years is a constant delight as I am inspired and encouraged by the transformation I see in my students.

For me Biodanza has been a rediscovery of the pleasure of music. It has ignited and fostered a deep interest in musical semantics as I create each vivencia and consider what each piece will evoke in the dance.

I'm married with 3 daughters and Anna, I am proud to say, has now almost finished her training. 

I am an artist working with mosaic and painting in oils.

Children’s Biodanza; The Minotaur Project; Biodanza Voice Music & Percussion; The Tree of Desires; Identity and The 4 Elements are all specialisms I'm trained in.

Pip Kennan.jpg

Phillipa Kennan

From the start, I found Rolando Toro's system of human integration, transformation and vivencial rehabilitation truly wonderful. I took my Biodanza training slowly but have now been practicing and teaching for many years. It still deeply inspires and moves me.

I have a flourishing weekly Biodanza class in Berkhamsted which brings enriched connection to my local community and my own life.

Of the many applications and extensions of Biodanza I have developed specialisms in: The Minotaur project; The 4 Elements; Neo Shamanism and Biodanza and The Heart of the Transformation. I have also worked with children.

I have 2 grown up children and work as a reflexologist.

Altair de Almeida.jpg

Altair de Almeida

 Biodanza inspires me because it combines three of my passions: self-transformation, dance and music.  I've taught Biodanza for many years, and have a weekly group in Malvern. Becoming a Director of the London School is the 'icing on the cake' as our graduating students spread Biodanza across the world and in turn increase the number of heart-centred human beings in society.

My specialisms within Biodanza are Biodanza in Organizations and Biodanza Aquatica where the effects of Biodanza through being in warm water are greatly amplified.

I am also a holistic practitioner of over 40 years standing - Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Tai Chi among other holistic health disciplines. I call Biodanza 'the crown jewel' of the holistic field given the swift yet gentle way it resolves so many ailments and emotional dis-eases.  My ongoing aspiration is to penetrate the UK business world with 'Biodanza for Business' where research indicates over 86% of the workforce dislike their jobs. It would be greatly rewarding to help shift this imbalance and so replace some of the stress of being involved in business with joy and well being!