Curious about becoming a Biodanza facilitator? 

Longing to explore more deeply Biodanza's life transforming effect?
You've reached just the place!

In a three year cycle which has the flexibility to include students and participants for the first year and a half, you can train to be a fully accredited Biodanza facilitator. Or just come for your own self development. Our course is open to all participants whether as a new student or for personal self development, get in touch if you are inspired to join us.

Words are inadequate compared to the feeling of dancing 'the dance of your life' in all its rainbow colours. That's what we want you to enjoy at The London School of Biodanza while you discover the full depth and breadth of Rolando Toro's gift of Biodanza, 'activating the innate potential of human bonding'.

The three of us - Ruth, Pip and Altair - invite you to come and join our tribeless tribe from across the world to experience our school for yourself.  The power of three and Biodanza go together. As a group of three directors we're able to create a uniquely balanced, secure and liberating space in which the three pillars of Biodanza - the music, movement and the group become your own.

‘Today I danced without a care and every cell knows now exactly what it has to share. I danced the dance of my life.’ 3rd Year Biodanza Student, 2016

Based in Richmond, our current physical home is the airy space of the hall attached to St John the Divine. Sovereign Gate, 20 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2NA. Here - once a month - students, graduate facilitators and those who simply come to enrich their lives discover that who they are is more than enough: they are beautiful, inside and out.

We'd love you to join us.

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Over 50 years of experience

You'll benefit from the breadth of our Biodanza knowledge and understanding augmented by the complimentary trainings which we bring to our work. And the treasure which comes from the group...


And the life-long friendships and collaborations and support of the group

Being part of a supportive system which takes you into profound vivencias together means we create deep and precious bonds within the group. These can last a life time - prompting life-long friendships and collaborations.