Join us for our Biodanza holiday on the mythical island of Crete.

Join us for our Biodanza holiday on the mythical island of Crete.

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The London school - 

Pip, Altair and I warmly invite you to a London School of Biodanza holiday and retreat on the south coast of the Greek island of Crete.

August 25th to September 1st

Vivencias will be morning and evening every day for 5 days, the first day will have a welcome vivencia and the last day a closing one.

The programme will hopefully include Tai Chi on the beach.

We propose to celebrate the joy of living through the enchantment of the Greek myths.

There will be plenty of time in the day for relaxing, swimming and enjoying being together.

Workshop cost: £150  

Where we will stay

All shared apartments are for 2 or 3 with ensuites, with air-conditioning and fully equipped kitchenettes.

Overlooking a stunning bay, each apartment has a terrace or balcony, the perfect spot to enjoy the sunsets

For 7 days  £140 for 2 sharing £93 for 3 sharing.

Accommodation is board only.

Contact the hotel directly :-   to find a room speak to Vangelis and mention Biodanza and me, Ruth Strupinski

Where we can eat

So here are examples of meals In the hotel:

Homemade dinner with Mediterranean recipes, choices for vegetarians and fresh fish.

a.        1 starter, 1 salad, 1 main        12 euro

b.        2 starters, 1 salad, 2 main        15 euro

c.        1 soup, 1 starter, 1 salad, 2 main        18 euro

Delicious breakfast with local products, fresh juice, fruit, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, bread, butter, jam, honey coffee or tea        about 6 euro

Other options are self catering or café style meals at the taverna beside the beach and the hotel.

Things to do

Swim in the warm inviting sea right by the hotel and taverna.

Walk down to one of the most amazing beaches of Crete, Agios Pavlos Sandhills with its spectacular sunsets. Walk the beautiful gorges of Rethymno or walk 3km to Kourtaliotis which is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Rethymnon.

The huge cliffs of the canyon rise to 600metres and are full of caves. There is the beach at Preveli, also known as Lake Preveli or Pheonix.

During the 60s and 70s, it was a favorite destination for hippies. On the banks of the Grand River there is a large colony of Theophrastus palm trees, which give the region a sense of an African landscape.

The river, forming a large lake, 1.5km long, before emptying into the sea, has water all year round. You can walk along the river, under the shade of palm trees and other trees, and climb the beautiful canyon.

How to get there

There are 2 airports to arrive at Chania or Heraklion, both are equidistant from the hotel.

You can take the local bus (3 changes

FULL TICKET 6.80€) here’s the link:-

From HERAKLION to AGIA GALINI (2018-08-25)

Travel is available with 3 connecting bus routes. You will need 3 different tickets for each passenger


then a short taxi ride from Agios Galina to Agios Pavlos

Or you can take a taxi from either airport- its about 1.5 hours drive to Agios Pavlos from the airport. The taxi firm that co-operate with the hotel give a reduced price, a taxi from Heraklion airport is 110 euro each way,

The programme  (subject to change)

* Evening vivencias at sunset on the beach (weather and other conditions permitting)

* The programme will include Tai Chi on the beach each morning, according to your group's needs.

Saturday August 25th  

Check in  Late Afternoon: Welcome and opening vivencia

Sunday August 26th  

Morning vivencia  Free afternoon - relax or enjoy your surroundings  Early evening – vivencia

Monday August 27th

Morning Vivencia  Free afternoon – relaxation Early evening vivencia

Tuesday August 28th

Morning - optional visit to Knossos Free afternoon – relaxation  Early evening vivencia

Wednesday August 29th

Morning – vivencia  Free afternoon – relaxation Early evening vivencia

Thursday August 30th

Morning - vivencia  Free afternoon – relaxation Early evening Closing vivencia

Friday August 31st

Free day for relaxation

Saturday September 1st

Goodbyes and checking out

Contact Ruth to book and for payment details : 07867878043   Pip 07947578192 Altair 07855108777  .

Please let us know if you need more information.

With a warm embrace from us xxx

This what Akushi says

'Explore the mythology of Greece with us, dancing Biodanza, swimming, lazing on the beach, sharing precious time together surrounded by the dramatic landscape of southern Crete.

When the Angels guided me to Biodanza I had no idea how it would bring towards me so many Blessings. 
Deep friendships, connection, communion and inner transformation work elevating my relating with myself, my family my female friends and my male friends, YES! Ruth it is absolutely precious to spend time with one another and celebrate a Loving Community, Ooh! and lets not leave out a sprinkling of romance too. 

And the gift just keeps on giving. And so I am soooooo excited that I am going to the Biodanza retreat in Greece, where the sandy beaches are glorious and the views are spectacular.

Wow! Yes it's really happening and What an opportunity this summer in August/September, to be together and dive deep and step into Happiness, with expert and compassionate teachers who will safely guide you organically into the natural rhythm of your inner joy. 

The perfect place to let go and let love lead the way within the turquoise hues from the sunny skies within.

I am going and it would be such a treat if you would join me and others. I've been so busy this year and I know others have and so I feel this is the perfect meeting place to meet up. 

See below Ruth's invitation and be sure to book now to get a place and more information about booking and travelling options. 

I know I can't believe the great price too, how can it be, I believe its because the teachers and students know just how incredible Biodnaza is, so much so the results after one class leave me feeling more grounded, centred and open within a group and community environment. Everything getting in the way of real love just drops away as we dance away in to Bliss. 

Yes i could ramble on lots about the gems this retreat offers peace, dance, friendship, inner transformation and so much more, fun, affection, closeness and boundaries too, are just a few so take my word for it and come along and experience Biodanza retreat in Greece, Lets be together in southern Crete and have a fabulous time. 

I'm sure with good communication and sharing with one another link ups to make travelling plans easier are possible.'.

This is what Altair says  '

I am really looking forward to this Holiday on this particular Greek island, which is STEEPED in Mythology.