Join us for our Biodanza holiday on the mythical island of Crete.

Join us for our Biodanza holiday on the mythical island of Crete.

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This what Akushi says

'Explore the mythology of Greece with us, dancing Biodanza, swimming, lazing on the beach, sharing precious time together surrounded by the dramatic landscape of southern Crete.

When the Angels guided me to Biodanza I had no idea how it would bring towards me so many Blessings. 
Deep friendships, connection, communion and inner transformation work elevating my relating with myself, my family my female friends and my male friends, YES! Ruth it is absolutely precious to spend time with one another and celebrate a Loving Community, Ooh! and lets not leave out a sprinkling of romance too. 

And the gift just keeps on giving. And so I am soooooo excited that I am going to the Biodanza retreat in Greece, where the sandy beaches are glorious and the views are spectacular.

Wow! Yes it's really happening and What an opportunity this summer in August/September, to be together and dive deep and step into Happiness, with expert and compassionate teachers who will safely guide you organically into the natural rhythm of your inner joy. 

The perfect place to let go and let love lead the way within the turquoise hues from the sunny skies within.

I am going and it would be such a treat if you would join me and others. I've been so busy this year and I know others have and so I feel this is the perfect meeting place to meet up. 

See below Ruth's invitation and be sure to book now to get a place and more information about booking and travelling options. 

I know I can't believe the great price too, how can it be, I believe its because the teachers and students know just how incredible Biodnaza is, so much so the results after one class leave me feeling more grounded, centred and open within a group and community environment. Everything getting in the way of real love just drops away as we dance away in to Bliss. 

Yes i could ramble on lots about the gems this retreat offers peace, dance, friendship, inner transformation and so much more, fun, affection, closeness and boundaries too, are just a few so take my word for it and come along and experience Biodanza retreat in Greece, Lets be together in southern Crete and have a fabulous time. 

I'm sure with good communication and sharing with one another link ups to make travelling plans easier are possible.'.

This is what Altair says  '

I am really looking forward to this Holiday on this particular Greek island, which is STEEPED in Mythology. So WHY did we choose Mythology to play with? Mythology is the simplest way to reveal our Unconscious, that part of us that profoundly affects our daily lives, yet is very difficult to access in any other way. That is why Carl Jung studied it in great depth, including dream work. The Greek Myths are pertinent to the West, as we are closely linked with that civilisation'.