Birthdays are important!

Ruth and Birthday Cake.jpg

Birthdays. The School loves them! How they're honoured during the vivencia we'll keep up our sleeves. But we will let slip that it's lovely!

Each group in each cycle quickly become close friends. By some magic - which we think has something to do with Anna (Ruth's daughter) - a cake and card appear whenever a student or one of the Directors is celebrating their birthday.

Our penultimate school weekend of the cycle was around Ruth's birthday. Akushi baked a beautiful cake, pictured here.

In terms of the training we grappled with the challenge of creating a vivencia from scratch, as a group. Not easy but we did it! And to make our training really practical on each day we took one exercise each and 'enunciating' (explaining and demonstrating) it as a collaborative vivencia. Fun. As always, there were also nourishing and deepening vivencias each day, created by the three Directors. 

London School of Biodanza May 2017

Although a couple of us were behind the camera, here's our May 'group selfie', with a wave of welcome to everyone who couldn't be there - and all those thinking of joining in October [come to one of our Open Afternoons to find out more]!

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