Nataraj Visiting Teacher Praise!


When we have a visiting teacher like Nataraj we're always on the receiving end of praise. The theme of this inspiring Spanish teacher's workshop was 'Say, yes to life'. It was a perfect prelude to the 'The Minotaur Project' which is an advanced weekend - and one which we'd scheduled for just a few weeks' later.


The Doorway...
(response to weekend with Nataraj)

I am a doorway not the door

a space through which

ever abundant, ever rich Life

enters in

through this sacred wrapping we call skin

When you're my doorway

you're a vessel for the infinite -

you, me, we, ego, good, bad -

everything is it

And that which stamps its 'yes' and 'no'

upon the floor delights this entrance which is me

and now I'm home I'm absolutely sure:

we are the doorway not the door.

© Liz Darcy Jones

20th November 2016