The London School Of Biodanza 2016


Methodology 2 "The Biodanza Session 1"                 

 November 12th & 13th 

From       1.00pm - 8pm Saturday      1.00pm - 7pm Sunday

St. John the Divine Church Hall, 20 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2NA  

( this postcode takes you to the back of the hall, walk all the way round to the front ! )        

To book a place by bank transfer
Biodanza, NatWest Bank,   Acc. no 10262911   
Sort Code 60 17 31  please don't forget to add your name.

Whether you want to train as a facilitator or you want to give yourself the opportunity to experience Biodanza more fully you are welcome to come along to the school weekends.     


 St.John the Divine Church Hall Richmond,

18 – 20, Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2NA

For school weekends please let us know if you are planning to come.


Whether you are doing the training or coming to dance and experience Biodanza we ask EVERYONE to arrive for the full day promptly at 1.00pm.

If you are planning to come for only one day then please come on Saturday. 

Easy access from Central London
TRAIN: 9 minutes from Clapham Junction, 19 minutes from Waterloo 
TUBE: District Line. 2 minute walk from station.

The IBF Accredited Course for Biodanza Facilitators .
Biodanza is the fun way to feel healthy and alive, opening your sense of joy, reinforcing your self esteem and
self confidence. By experiencing Biodanza regularly these aspects become integrated into your daily life.
Everyone can do Biodanza, there are no set ways of dancing, no age limits and no fitness requirements, just a desire for adventure.
Biodanza has blossomed around the world since 1976 and now has over 100.000 participants, 150 schools in 54 countries and over 2,500 certified facilitators.
If you love music and love to dance free of restriction, Biodanza is a pleasant and enjoyable pathway that may feel right for you.
It is with pleasure that we invite you to participate in the development of human poetry by joining the London School of Biodanza.
The London School offers monthly weekend seminars and vivencias which are open to both students and guests.
Each weekend is devoted to the exploration of an aspect of the theory of Biodanza, how it works and how it is applied by each participant in experiencing the vivencia.
We welcome people who are considering the training as students, for them the sessions will lead to the recognised qualification as a Biodanza facilitator.
We also welcome guests, for them the sessions will give them the opportunity of self development, to enjoy the process as a wonderful way to dance, explore and connect with others from the heart. They may join in both the seminars and the vivencias.
By training in our school you will receive the certification of the International Biocentric Foundation - IBF.