Life changing dance.
The power of three.
Biodanza teacher training.

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We are delighted you are here! 
A warm welcome to our online home.

The London School of Biodanza has its home in Richmond in the United Kingdom. We teach students to become Biodanza facilitators and the training we offer lasts three years. Attendance is throughout the year approximately 1 weekend a month.

We not only have students who wish to become facilitators but we also have regular dancers that want to go deeper in their practice. Our students come from all backgrounds, fly in from other countries and represent a wide age range.

You can participate in Biodanza at any age throughout your life.

We are certified by the IBF, International Biocentric Foundation, the worldwide governing body in 36 countries. 
We abide by the code of conduct of the Association of Biodanza Teachers, the regulatory body in the UK.

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The Rhythm of the School

There is an organic rhythm to the school that is created by the beautiful music we use for the vivencias.

To have 4 vivencias during each weekend is to dive deeply into yourself, with space to explore through movement and dance. To deeply embody Biodanza within the safe environment of the school. To discover friendships and life affirming connections with the others in your group

During the 3 years of training some time is given during each weekend for the presentation of the theoretical basis of Biodanza for each of the 28 modules as well as the important experiential learning that comes from 4 vivencias. The last 7 modules focus on the practical training giving you the tools for giving classes and workshops. 

The school weekends are on Saturday and Sunday, most usually the second weekend of each month.

With your commitment to your regular weekly group your school weekends will amplify your experience.

What you can expect

Our training programme is an exploration of the poetry of movement, dance, expression and communication.

You will be a valued member of a school that has an ethos of warmth, care, safety and a good measure of fun.

You can experience the personal transformative process and you can enjoy and trust the journey towards forming your own classes from the strong base developed during the training.